The Bulgarian Education Movement in Macedonia in the Revival Period


The struggle for modern education and the use of mother tongue is a crucial element of the Bulgarian past. It is not merely a collection of efforts for the improvement of the culture level. 

Through this struggle had been achieved national reanimation and unity, it is a weapon for national emancipation and for the reestablishment of the Bulgarian community as an independent entity in its own right. The Bulgarian enlightenment movement in Macedonia was established mostly in the 1860s. The education network consisted mostly of primary schools. 

The following educational degree was represented by grade schools located mostly in the cities. Almost all schools offered general education, and by 1878 they must have been over 200, with about 250 teachers and approximately 20 000 pupils. 

Education was available to everyone. The spirit of the Revival period school in Macedonia was democratic, its program corresponded to the needs of national emancipation, and the study of Bulgarian played a central role in it.

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