Clan Names from the Area of Tsaribrod – Part of the Bulgarian Anthroponymic System


The Bulgarian anthroponymic system has its peculiarities. This is the reason we are paying closer attention to the clan names which undoubtedly held great significance for the formation of Bulgarian family names in the end of the 19th century. 

 Subject of our research are nearly 545 clan names registered in the former okolia [administrative unit] of Tsaribrod, and some settlements to the north of the village of Slavinya, which now belong to various municipalities of Serbia. Our focus is directed on revealing the main types of clan names, as we also attempt to touch upon the ethno-psychology of Bulgarians as reflected in this type of anthroponymic nomination. 

In this way, we outline the motives for the appearance of clan names which reflect the spiritual desires, beliefs, and understanding of good and evil among the Bulgarian people.

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