Political aspects of the attempt to create „Macedonian alphabet and language


Upon the attempt to create "Macedonian alphabet and language“ in the period 1944-1945 four language committees were assigned, the decisions of which were to a great extent influenced both by the fact that their members tended to sympathize the pro-Serbian and the pro-Macedonian movements, which at that time fought to gain power in Macedonia and by the political conditions, in which these people were forced to work. 

As a whole their work may be qualified as useless, not only because of the absurd fact that they aimed to create an already existent (only under another name) language and that the participants didn’t have the necessary qualification, but mostly because the issue about the „Macedonian alphabet and language“ was finally resolved by a political decision, under the dictate of Belgrade, where neither the results from these language conferences, nor the linguistic situation in Macedonia were taken into consideration. 

The alphabet, which was adopted represented a political compromise between the cited organizations and does not correspond to the Bulgarian spoken by the Macedonian population, because certain graphemes were taken out, which were characteristic for the Bulgarian alphabet and replaces by Serbian ones, and because new „demonstrating independence“, „the so called „purely Macedonian“ letters were introduced. Nevertheless after the SRM was created the Bulgarian speech varieties in this area did not stop being so much Bulgarian. The people who lived there did not start talking different dialect, but on the contrary, they continues talking into their own language.

 This practice of creating „Macedonian literary language“ as the most significant feature of the Macedonian nation“ in the end of the second World War and its imposing during the following years explicitly shows that this actually represents the political strategy of YCP and Yugoslavia for hegemonic and leading presence on the Balkans against Bulgaria and the Bulgarian foundations. 

Namely because of this this language and this nation are formed solely upon an anti-Bulgarian ground, while Macedonian Bulgarians are forced to leave their fatherland and their centurial traditions are being up rooted. They are political, and philological and ethnical categories and have nothing in common with the linguistic science and science about nations and the national issues, the voluntary and democratic self-assessment of the population.

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