The United States of America and Macedonia (1834 - 1945)



 /the thirthies of the XIXth century - the forties of the XXth century/ 

 Trendafil Mitev

   After the end of the War of Independence in the end of the XVIII th century, and especially after the Civil War in mid - XIX-th century, the United States of America, gradually begin the preparation of their positions for entering the family of the Great Powers, having decisive roles in the fate of the world. Extremely important aspect in this global strategy of official Washington is the attempt of the Americans to become involved in the internal European affairs. As the documents show, the earliest "entrance" for gaining positions in the Old Continent, the leaders of the powerful north-american state find in the Balkans. Therefore, the earliest and most active clerical and cultural missions, followed by solid diplomatic efforts are concentrated in this part of the world. As result, the Americans, as early as the 30-ies of the XIXth century, discover Macedonia, around which, in the last years of the XIX-th century, one of the most important and dramatic national-political problems of contemporary Europe is created. Further more, the interest in USA toward Macedonia for the last century and a half, constantly increases, in proportion to the aggravation and constant complication of the problem.

  Until now the balkanistic and americnistic sciences have examined this scientific problem either partially/ on separate important episodes/ /1/, or the Americans interest in Macedonia has been studied in the aspect of history in general - together with other important aspects of the new Bulgarian and Balkan history. The study presented has the aims to follow in particular the conception, the basic periods, to show the main participants and most important activities of the interest shown in USA towards Macedonia since the mid 30-ies of the XIX-th century until the 40-ies of the XX-th century. The study deliberately ends in the year 1945. This is due to the fact, that at that time the Yugoslavian Communist Party /YKP/, under the leadership of J.B.Tito, artificially and on anti-Bulgarian basis, create a new "Macedonian nation". Thus, the leaders in Belgrade and Scopije, disregard not only the thousand-year old history of the Bulgarian people in Macedonia, but also, the centennial truth on Macedonia, defended by those Americans who have worked in Macedonia and have studied its ethnography, folklore and traditions...

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